понедельник, 10 ноября 2014 г.

Something's wrong ...

4 years of love, of happiness, of dreams. It's  our story...But something's wrong...
What you gave me I know you gave me
You remind me all the time
And how you hurt me and you don't see it
Again I am the child 
christina aguilera
And though you tell me that you love me
I can't feel it and I'm afraid to let you down
It's all or nothing, I fear that something's wrong
stronger than ever
How I wish you, you suffered less too
It tears us both apart
And it's not pretty the way you criticize me
And how it breaks my heart
stronger than ever by aguilera
 How I wish you knew, how much I need you
I feel like running but I can't abandon you
You avoid my gaze, withdraw from me these days
You punish me for trying to be all that you wanted
What more can I do?
christina aguilera lyrics